This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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무료 취소 최소 4일 전 또는 그보다 더 일찍 예약 시 무료 취소가 가능합니다.

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Credit Holds/Preauthorization
Your credit card will be pre-authorized 17 days before arrival, for an amount equal to your first night's stay. We will make a pre-authorization for all bookings. If we cannot make the required pre-authorization, we will cancel your reservation.

Credit card transactions
Our bank charges non-EU credit cards in the local currency, at an exchange rate set by the bank. This means that the amount you are charged will be about 3% greater than the base rate.

Mandatory Deposit
On check-in, you will need to pay 10 euros deposit, and this deposit will be required in cash.

We maintain a 72 hours cancellation policy and 168 hours modification policy.
Please do not bring alcohol you have purchased elsewhere into the hostel, as this contravenes our licensing regulations.
Check-in hours are between 3 and 10 PM, daily.
Both before check-in and after checkout, we can store your bags (from 11 AM for check-in and 4 PM for checkout), but we cannot offer further hostel facilities.

You may also find the following information useful:

The Hostel is located around 100 metres from the bus stop.
We have a large terrace, which provides a world class view.
The bar is popular with guests, very keenly priced for Positano, and we regularly organise trips to Praiano's Africana.
For those who love to walk, the hills around Positano provide for great hiking and breathtaking views - ask about our trips.
The Hostel building has high-tech electronic door locks, lockers, and security cameras.
If you do intend to drive, street parking is a possibility. If you park in an illegal parking space, or in an area that endangers drivers (i.e. on a corner), you risk receiving a parking fine. If you visit during the peak season, it can be challenging to get a parking space.
There is a minimum of 742 steps to and from the main beach. That means that most people will find the walk back to be hard work. If you do not want to walk, there are options. For most, the best option is to catch the bus, which runs every 15 minutes in the central part of the season, and every 30mins during the low part. A round trip is priced at 1,50 euro if you pay before boarding, or 1,80 euros if you pay on the bus.

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매우 좋음
2019. 10. 17.
저는 굉장히 좋았어요. 만족합니다. 포지타노 유일한 호스텔.
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남성, 31-40
매우 좋음
2018. 7. 28.
버스로는 좋은 위치,페리로는 힘든 위치.저녁에 도미토리에서 잠자기 힘들 정도로 술 마시고 떠들썩한 분위기이기에 쉬기 위한 숙소라기 보다는 포지타노에서 저비용으로 묵으며 밤새 사람들과 어울릴 사람들에게만 추천.테라스 뷰는 매우 좋으며 직원들도 친절하고 게시판에 정보도 잘 공지해놓음.도미토리의 경우 공용 화장실 및 샤워실이 지저분해서 빨래조차 하기 싫은 세면대가 기억나며 샤워기가 고정식이라 불편하고 샤워실 내부의 고리나 선반이 잘 안 되어 있어서 불편했음.침대는 삐걱거리고 2층 침대는 의자 밟고 올라가야 하며 방문이 빛 새어 들어오는 형태라 예민한 사람은 안대 필요할 듯.
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여성, 31-40
매우 좋음
2018. 7. 15.
침대 1층이 너무 낮아서 허리를 펴고 앉을 수 없습니다. 해변에서 멀긴 하지만 차도 따라 내려가다보면 생각보다 다닐만 함. 전경이 매우 멋짐. 조식을 사 먹을 수 있는데 맛있습니다. 가격 대비 괜찮은 숙소!
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여성, 18-24


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