This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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무료 취소 최소 1일 전 또는 그보다 더 일찍 예약 시 무료 취소가 가능합니다.

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Located in the heart of Brisbane's West End surrounded by 100's of cheap cafes, bars, and restaurants and only a short stroll to City Beach at South Bank and the Brisbane CBD. The adventure starts here !!

Somewhere to Stay Backpackers is a unique resort style Queenslander house with gardens, Large pool,and cool veranda's for you to relax on, chill out, enjoy your meal or a drink and take in the BEST city views in Brisbane !. The pool/garden area with palm trees offers lounge chairs, hammocks, outdoor games and last but not least... the warm Queensland sun.

We are a 5 min walk from the coolest cultural district of Brisbane West End including over 100 cafes, Cheap restaurants, bars and clubs.

We have a variety of clean comfortable rooms including singles, doubles, twins and dorm bed rooms, most of which have en-suites.

When booking multiple dorm beds at short notice (1 to 3 days before booking) we cannot guarantee all guests will be in the same room. Please contact us asap after you have booked so we can try and get you and your fellow travelers in the same room together.

For arrivals after midnight, please contact us prior to organize a night-manager to check you in.
Paid parking on site - please contact us to book a parking spot for your stay. Free Unlimited Wifi, Free Coffee & Tea, Free Shuttle Bus (Subject to availability)

Somewhere to Stay Backpackers caters to International Travellers and International Students. As such we preference International guests and cater only to genuine travelers.

We may choose at management's discretion to accommodate Australian residents with a strict one week only policy. We do not accept bookings from local residents within the Greater Brisbane Area. Dormitory rooms are reserved for our International Guests Only.

International guests are required to provide a valid PASSPORT as identification and credit card details at Check-In. Australian residents are required to provide valid photo identification and credit card details at Check-in.

Somewhere To Stay Backpackers Hostel will not accept any guests under the age of 18. While management reserve the right to allow persons under the age of 18 stay, they must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

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1073 리뷰
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2022. 7. 21.
한꾹 솨람들 여귀 가쥐 마쉐요. 방은 뫠우 많우나, 꽁용 화좡실은 단 하놔... 장굼장취 쌉 허슐합니돠,,,, 화좡실 아췸에 가면 매우 드룹구요 어떤놈이 머뤼콰락 자른것듀 있코 남좌들 조준 못홰서 변귀 주변에 다 묻어있슙니다. 그리궈 소움 오지구요 밤 11쉬에도 줠라 시꾸럽습니다. 잠 못잔 1인.. 그리궈 방 앞에 소퐈? 의좌가 몇개 있눈데 거기숴 애정행곽 하는걸 목격스..;;;; 줴발 나가서 해줠,, 줘는 겨울에 여행을 갔었는데 히퉈가 없워서 칭구랑 잠옷에 패딩에 목둬리까쥐 껴입고 잤쑵미다. 편하게 쉬시려면 가지 마쉽시오 제발요. 영어 쌉가능 + 극E성향+ 파티좋아한다 하면 추천합니다. 직원은 친절함.
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여성 그룹, 25-30
매우 좋음
2018. 5. 18.
위치가 시티랑은 좀멀리있습니다. 조용한 동네에 있는데 바로 옆에 YHA호스텔 바로옆에붙어있구여 어떤띱때끼뜰은 밤에 소리를 지르기도하는데 그건 뭐 사람마다 다르겠죠. 와이파이는 느리구여 하루 500메가 제한이네여. 세탁기는 4불에 드라이2불 세탁끼 용량이 작아염 이층침대는 올라갈때 삐그덕거리는게 심한듯합니다. 가격대비 그냥 저냥 지낼만한 호스텔입니다.
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남성, 25-30
2014. 12. 30.
air refresh is needed in that place.
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남성, 25-30


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