This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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몽버드 숲의 계절의 변화를 볼 수 있는 롯지 발코니가 있고, 몽버드 산과 Nicoya 만을 볼 수 있는 최적의 장소에 있습니다.

코스타리카의 카비나스 비스타 알 골포 몽버드에 오신 것을 환영합니다.
몽버드 버스 정류장과 3분 거리입니다.
몽버드 산타 엘레나 지역에서 최고의, 최저가의 객실을 제공하고 있습니다.

만약 여유롭고 조용한 시간을 코스타리카의 몽버드에서 가지고 싶다면 이곳에서 지내야 합니다.
저희는 저렴하면서도 개인 화장실이 있는 객실을 제공하며, 공용 화장실을 쓰는 객실도 있고, 완전히 설비된 화려한 아파트도 있습니다.

공용 주방은 완전히 설비가 되었고 냉장고, 전자레인지, 토스터 등이 있습니다.
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최근 리뷰

2022. 2. 24.
We stayed in the deluxe ensuite. We were supposed to stay for three nights but left after one. We had an absolutely terrible stay, and experienced some of the worst customer service we’ve ever had. The worst issue was the insane noise at night. There was something loose inside of the roof which resulted in a loud clanging noise all night. The owner did nothing about this, offered us no compensation, and was extremely rude. Would not recommend this place at all. 0/10
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여성, 25-30
2022. 1. 09.
Absolutely horrible experience, also a horrible location and nazis running the place. be posting the video soon of the kitchen staff viciously attacking me physically, (Anti Semitic kitchen lady and a front desk reception guy). Terrible vibes, no one is talking to each other (feels like your in your mean grandma's house.
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남성, 31-40
2021. 12. 24.
Very nice location if you are looking for a chill place to get some relax , unfortunately the energy and the staff are far from nice, didn't feel welcome from the check in, breakfast is included but you will have to deal with a very rude kitchen staff, the second day me and my girlfriend didn't even had breakfast due to how rude they were to us, not the best way to wake up, overall very nice location but horrendous customer service
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남성, 25-30


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