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파우지 아자르 인 바이 에이브러햄 호스텔스는 나사렛의 중심지에 있는 200년 된 아랍 저택을 게스트하우스로 바꾼 곳으로, 도미토리 침대와 개인 객실을 독특한 구시대적 분위기와 함께 제공합니다. 론리 플래닛이 2014년 세계 최고의 호스텔 7위에 선정하였으며, 론리 플래닛 여행 가이드에서 "갈릴리에서 지내는 것의 하이라이트 중 하나"이며 "갈릴리의 주요 여행지를 여행하기 좋은 거점"이라고 묘사되었습니다. 파우지 아자르의 스타일은 친근하면서 편안하고, 따뜻한...
호스텔- 시내에서 1.18km 거리
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Antique Guest House is a warm and authentic place to visit. The hostel was built 350 years ago and served as a home for the family from that time on. Their is a lot of history that comes with the home including with it historical sites in every corner of...
호스텔- 시내에서 0.99km 거리
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Vitrage Guest House is a real Family Guest House and gives you a good opportunity to get in contact with local people who can tell you all about the City of Nazareth. The Guest house offers 7 Private Bedrooms with a bathroom and air conditioning. One of the...
침대와 아침식사제공 숙소- 시내에서 1.18km 거리
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At Nazareth Guesthouse each room has a private bathroom, satellite TV channels. They are ideal for couples looking for space of their own but can also accommodate single guests and a great choice for a family with children. The Guesthouse is owned and managed...
침대와 아침식사제공 숙소- 시내에서 1.17km 거리
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With sacred sites and churches around every corner, Nazareth in Israel has its fair share of religious history. Named as Jesus' hometown in the New Testament, it's now peppered with intriguing biblical spots, such as Mary's serene grotto in the Church of the Annunciation, or Joseph's old carpentry workshop-turned-church just over the road. Once a small Jewish village on a hilltop, Nazareth is now a bustling city with vibrant shop-lined streets where Ottoman mansions rub shoulders with new eateries.

Stay in a Nazareth hostel housed in a 200-year-old Arab mansion with high ceilings and old stone courtyards and terraces. Here you can relax outdoors in cosy hammocks, or wander inside to your welcoming dorm or quiet private suite. There are also hostels in Nazareth with lush gardens filled with lemon trees and palms, where you can enjoy your free breakfast each morning. To be in the heart of the city, book a hostel around the old market, with views over the colourful streets.

Days can be spent exploring Nazareth's Latin Quarter – this is the old town where you'll find sacred sites as well as restaurants and cafés. In the evening, stroll to Mary's Well Square to find buzzing bars or seek out The Ancient Bathhouse. This neighbourhood also has a bustling market at its centre, selling spices, food and fabrics. No visit would be complete without an enjoyable hike up Mount Precipice, where you'll be able to see Nazareth as described in the Gospel of Luke.

Any trip to Nazareth should include a few of the city's iconic churches. There are two churches of the Annunciation: one is an enormous Roman Catholic basilica, the other a 17th-century Greek Orthodox church with a gold-domed roof and frescoes. Just across from the basilica lies St Joseph's Church, and Israel's oldest mosque, the White Mosque is also just around the corner. For a day-trip out of the city, head to the Zippori National Park, where you can explore the unique remains of a Crusader town and its ancient Roman origins.

As most international flights land in Tel Aviv, you'll need to get an Egged bus service to Nazareth, which takes just under 3 hours. There isn't a central station in Nazareth, so the bus should stop somewhere in the old town between Mary's Well and the Basilica of Annunciation. The old town is easy to explore on foot, but if you want to venture further afield, catch one of the easy-to-use city buses.

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