This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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Please note we have an AGE RESTRICTION which excludes guests outside the age of 18-40.

The top rated located Hostel in the heart of Lisbon, The Gateway Lisbon - Eco Hostel is the most social hostel to meet new friends by offering Evening Family Dinners, Happy Hour and Welcome Drinks at our in house Bar, Nightly Pub Crawls, Huge Common Areas, and some extra energy the next morning with our delicious yogurt bowl buffet with artisanal breads, juices, coffee and tea breakfast! All this and a huge common area with a fully equipped kitchen and numerous seating areas; perfect to relax in our brand new facility and hang out with some new friends. Additional services available include free high speed Wi-Fi internet and 24 hours reception.

The Hostel is a Gateway to Sustainability: Our furniture is from companies who use recycled materials or are from raw materials, like wood, stone and metal that are locally sourced here in Portugal. We believe in an active recycling program and hope you can be apart of our project and separate your garbage. We are active in trying to eliminate all single use waste and will use a portion of sales from the vending machine for the single use products to donate to 'Zero Waste Lab' Portugal.

We are a Gateway to Water Conservation: All of our showers and sinks are equipped with water reduction taps. Enjoy the same hot shower experience while using 70% less water. All of our hot water, all 1.600L of it is being heated by new age technology extracting the ambiente heat from the air and pushing it into the water, creating a huge reduction in energy. All our dishwashers and washing machines are eco-mode equipped and operate on low energy and water use.

A Gateway to Energy Efficiency: With over 300 days of sun, the hostel is equipped with solar panels on the roof, reducing our dependency on electricity from the grid. Throughout our building you will find low energy led lights as well as sensor systems only using energy when you need it. All of our windows are covered with UV ray reflecting vinyl to reduce the heat that enters the building and lower our energy consumption.

A Gateway to A Healthier You: We offer every morning herbal teas as well as 'build your own: yogurt bowls' to start your day off with some high energy. We offer family dinners in the evenings with vegan and vegetarian options several days of the week.

We are a Gateway to Growth Experiences: We have several communal spaces designed for you to meet and engage with new people from all over the world, expanding your breathe and knowledge of people and cultures. Please ask us at reception about the many tour companies and experiences we have partnered with to encourage you to go out and interact with the city around you.

A Gateway to Relaxation: We believe travelling and vacation are w different things, and we hope you get to enjoy both during your stay with us. Our common area , with warm earth tones with plenty of seating allows for you to take a break and relax. Living in the moment is essential to a healthier you, we offer a late check out to enjoy your last moments with us during your stay, which you can boom at reception.

***Please note the 2€ city tax per person per night imposed by the Portuguese government, payable upon arrival. Payments by card only!***

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5031 리뷰
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최근 리뷰

2018. 10. 19.
It was terrible hostel in my life.. 1st floor feel like a Disco.. So when the party started, I can’t slept any more...
더 보기
남성, 18-24
2017. 11. 25.
It's the worst hostel I've ever been. 정말 최악의 숙소.3박 하려다가 2일 묵고 환불받고 나옴.어떤 미친 영국애가 2층침대에서 술먹고 자다가 토함.직원은 허락도없이 거기 걸어둔 내 수건으로 토 다 닦고 나에게 한마디도 하지 않음. 10시쯤 자러 들어갔을때 발견한 난 진짜 너무 황당해서 직원한테 머라고 했더니 그제야 미안하다고 하고 방 바꿔줌. 이거 말고도 진짜 여기 직원들 다 최악에대가 10대애들 정신없이 신발에 술담아가지고 쳐마시는 그런 파티 호스텔임. 즐거운 파티아니고 그냥 술취해서 노답인 애들만 모이는 곳. 파티 호스텔이라고 해서 기대하고 갔는데 진짜 진심 개최악.
더 보기
남성, 25-30
2017. 9. 24.
일단 위치는 좋습니다! 그리고 리셉션도 친절하고 거기서 소개해준 서핑(리스본이 세계 서핑 명소 중 하나라고 합니다)스쿨에서 서핑도 배워 해보고 재미있었어요:) 다만 여기 호스텔은 파티를 주로 권장하고 사람들이 다 놀기 좋아하는데 저희도 원래 그랬지만 리스본 올 당시에 굉장히 피곤한 상태에서 새벽까지 놀고 들어오고 취한 사람들을 보니 그건 좀 불편했습니다. 노는거 좋아하는 분들에겐 추천하나 쉬러 가시는 분들은 여기가 아닌 다른 곳을 가시면 될 거 같아요.
더 보기
남성, 18-24


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