This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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On the banks of the holy River Ganga, Varanasi breathes in the south of Uttar Pradesh and is believed to be the world's oldest living city. For centuries, the mystique of this place has drawn pilgrims from all over India and the world. Varanasi, with its ancient domes, muths, ashrams, priests, and narrow lanes lined with shops selling Benarasi sarees, resembles a spectacle from a Bollywood film!

Located in close proximity to the Ghats, goStops Varanasi is a place which lets you experience and explore the city in its purest form. From visiting hidden temples to exploring lanes for the foodies, the hostel is well-connected with all the major attractions in the city. Witness the evening aarti on the ghats, savour the famous kachori sabzi from the streets of Banaras or simply unwind in our super comfy hostel while chatting with fellow travellers.

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2017. 8. 11.
바라나시 최고의 호스텔이라 자부할 수 있습니다. 이전에 펠리스 온 더 스텝이라는 호텔에서 머무른 적이 있었는데 이 호스텔이 3배 싸고, 깨끗합니다. 온수도 잘 나오고 아침 무료 제공에 매일 3시 30분에는 프리 티타임도 갖습니당. 특히 직원들이 진짜 짱짱 친절합니다. 아닐이라는 직원이랑 친해지세요. 진짜 엄청 웃깁니다. 가이드 투어를 랩퍼마냥 라임 맞추면서 말하는데 진짜 하루종일 웃었어요. 델리에선 무료로 해준 호스텔 투어였던게, 여기선 돈내고 해야합니다. 근데 200루피라 여전히 싸서 괜찮아요. 암튼 바라나시에서 머무를 곳 찾으신다면 이 호스텔 강력 추천합니다.^~^
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남성, 18-24
2023. 1. 24.
Not many travellers when we stayed, about a 25 minute walk from the river front. Relatively clean however bed sheets were itchy! Not much of an atmosphere.
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남성, 25-30
2023. 1. 14.
I would recommend paying attention to cleanliness- the dorm was utterly dirty, especially the bathroom. The taps were broken, hot water was difficult to get. Overall the bathroom and dorm was not at all clean. Request the management to take care of the repairs and cleanliness
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여성, 25-30


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