This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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82Hostel is a guesthouse located in one of the most safe and fun areas of the city of Bogota - Colombia (Zona Rosa & Zona T), where you can find a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping.

We have 2 private rooms with private bathrooms, 3 private rooms with shared bathrooms and 4 Dorms with 6 and 8 beds.

We have a fully equipped kitchen, computer room, Wi-Fi, a TV room and 24 hours. Breakfast is included in the price of our rooms.

Please note:

Cancellation Policy: 2 days before the arrival

Check In: 2.00 pm
Check Out: 11.00 am

Method of Payment upon the arrival: Cash, Credit Cards (6% surcharge for Credit Cards)

Breakfast is included.
Taxes are included.

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2016. 7. 10.
위치도 시설도 전반적으로 좋았어요. 근데 직원들이 친절하다는 느낌은 아니었고 그냥 직업적이란 느낌이 많이 들었어요. 인사도 웃음도 없고 뭐 물어보기 전엔 설명도 없고. 주변에 볼만한 곳 있나 궁금하고 했는데 물어보기 어려운 분위기였어요. 시설은 좋아요. 개인 콘센트 있고 락커도 있고 헤드라이트도 있고. 신시가지에 있는데 구시가지 가는게 그렇게 어렵진 않아요.
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여성, 31-40
2023. 4. 22.
Simple breakfast. Ok internet. Kitchen ok but messy. The lighter to the stove didn’t work. Worst thing about this hostel was the staff: we had spent 13h at the hospital and came back at 01am. I asked the girl in the reception if I could get a glass so I could drink my medicine. There is supposed to be 24h reception but she barely woke up and muttered something. At first she gave me a dirty cup which she had been using, I asked for a clean one and then she needed to be convienes to give me one
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커플, 25-30
2023. 1. 21.
Entrance doors do not lock, otherwise this is a great spot to stay in Bogota. Friendly staff, very friendly guests. Feels like joining a little family, everyone here looks out for one another. The price cannot be beat!
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남성, 25-30


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