This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
이 호스텔은 엄지척! 숙박객들의 지속적인 높은 평가와 추천으로 대박 흥행 성적을 거두고 있습니다.
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Over five Thousands of real reviews on Hostelworld with a consistently high rating and numerous features in travel blogs around the world recommend us as a top global hostel suggests you are in the right place. Since opening, we have won many an award such as voted ‘Top 3 Hostels in Asia’ by hostelbookers. Book now to see why and experience what we are about:

Pak Up quickly created a reputation for being where the buzz is, the most energetic and dynamic place in the area. Our lobby is normally full of backpackers making plans and forging new friendships.

Since opening in 2010, Pak Up is the biggest in Krabi. It was the first hostel to open in Krabi Province and remains to this day as the ultimate place to stay.

Pak Up could not be better located occupying the main corner in the heart of Krabi Town surrounded by various local markets. Pak Up is a point of transfer including local buses and a boat service to Railey.

We run our own backpacker ADVENTURE TOURS, Cooking Class, Free Full Body Training and with our in house guides you are guaranteed to be well cared for. We also run the biggest and most debauched AO NANG PUB CRAWL KRABI in High Season, we hit them harder than anyone.

Stay fit while traveling! Try out our functional gym on the roof top (4th floor). With monkey bars, yoga mats, free weights and more. Overlooking the river and krabi town, its the perfect place to get away from it all and focus on that bod'!

Don’t forget the great feedback we get about our comfy bunk beds and great facilities.

Hostel Facilities include;
Functional Gym, Shared Kitchen, medium enterprise WIFI system (fast and reliable), hot showers, rain shower, self service laundry, laundry service, 24 hour reception, large communal areas for socializing, on site bar, mini bar, lockers, motorbike rental #whatmorecouldyouwant

Dorm Facilities includes;
International power sockets, reading lights, air conditioning, oversized under-bed lockers, bed shelves, towel rails, oversized bunk beds, duvets, Dorm Curtain

When it’s time to leave, we will arrange your onward travel so you can be rest assured everything will run as it should.

What more could you want!!!!!

“Once you come to Pak-Up, You’ll never want to Pak-Up”

Cancellations can be made with no charge up until 72 hours before check in start time (11am). The hostel reserves the right to charge the full amount cancellation fee according to its cancellation policy.

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2017. 9. 19.
대단히 좋습니당~_~ 또 오고싶어용
더 보기
여성, 25-30
2016. 6. 03.
320밧/인 도미토리에 머물렀고 가격은 비쌌지만 평점이 좋아 갔습니다. 아오낭 비치가 아닌 크라비시가지에 위치해 있습니다. 주말에 머무를 예정이였기 때문에 주말에 열리는 야시장에서 밥사먹기 편리하고 강변을 따라 아침저녁으로 산채하기 편리 합니다. 숙소에서 150밧/일로 오토바이를 렌트해서 아오낭비치, 에메랄드 풀, 핫 스프링을 다녀 올수 있었습니다. 크라비 시내가 아오낭비치보다 저렴하기 때문에 장기여행에게는 괜찮은 위치라고 생각합니다. 게스트 하우스 단점으로 가격이 다른곳에 비해 비싸다는 것과 믹스도미토리룸을 지정할때 일부 성별이 섞이지 않도록 고려헤서 특정 성별이 많이 있었습니다.(남고 여고화 된 방에 서양인들은 짐승이 되서 밤낮으로 고성을 지르며 개 메너를 보여주네요.)
더 보기
남녀 혼성 그룹, 31-40
2016. 3. 01.
4인실 도미토리썼는데 햇빛도 잘 들어오고 침대도 아주 튼튼해서 잘때 편하게잤어요 그런데 제가 쓴 방이 2층가장 끝에 위치한방이어서 1층에 위치한 bar에서 나오는 음악때문에 잠잘때 너무 스트레스였어요 하필위치가 bar와 가장가까운곳이라 그것땜에 점수깎임. 그리고 화장실도 꽤멀리위치해서 왔다갔다할대 번거로워요
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여성, 25-30


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