GINTSUKA Hostel Kualanamu-Lake Toba Hub

무료 취소 최소 2일 전 또는 그보다 더 일찍 예약 시 무료 취소가 가능합니다.

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Hello dear travellers,

You are welcome to GINTSUKA Hostel where you can have a friendly family service. We are here to serve the travelers who want to enjoy the vibrant life of Medan city and the beauty of the region around Medan such as Karo highland, Berastagi, Mount Sibayak, and Sinabung.

GINTSUKA hostel is a very convenient place to spend the night before you continue your journey to Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, or Berastagi due to its proximity to Amplas bus station. It takes only a KUALANAMU-AMPLAS shuttle bus from Kualanamu airport to GINTSUKA hostel.

It is true that we are located on the outskirt of Medan city center but if you only need Medan as a transit point, we are undeniably the best situated. Having mentioned that, the other advantage of staying with us is that you can visit any point in Medan from our place without a hustle since all city minibuses in Medan are running to and from Amplas.

Never hesitate to take a minibus in Medan. Taking the city minibuses is the most common way for most locals to get around Medan city because it is both cheap and safe. Taking a minibus is also a good way for you to observe and to meet the locals. You just say: 'Medan Panas, ya? (Medan is hot, isn't it?)' to the person sitting across from you, and the next thing you know, he or she will flash those white teeth at you while answering back: Ya...panas'

Obrserving and experiencing the life of the Bataks are something that you can not afford to miss once you are in Medan.You can observe and experience the life of Karo people by visiting the villages around Kabanjahe, the capital of Karo regency. Kabanjahe is also a convinient post to climb Mount Sibayak and Sinabung.

If you wish to spend the nights in the villages of Karo people, we will arrange your accomodation with the villagers (many of them are our relatives). We can arrange your accommodations in the well known city of Berastagi as well.

See you at GINTSUKA hostel in Medan. We serve tea and coffee for free

Directions and map

Address : Jln.Sisingamangaraja Simpang Amplas 21, Timbang Deli, Medan, Indonesia


1. From Kualanamu International Airport: Take the shuttle bus from the airport to Simpang Amplas.
2. From lake Toba: Get off at Simpang Amplas, Medan
3. From any location in Medan: Take a minibus to Amplas terminal

We are located near the street junction below Amplas flyover. Please do not leave the area below the Amplas flyover before you find us The property is the tallest building in the area.

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