This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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MEININGER Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof

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Welcome to MEININGER Hotel Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof

MEININGER Hotel Heidelberg is a welcome addition to our family of hotels spread across Germany and Europe. It is in a supreme location in the city center with easy access to nearby public transport connections and therefore all the beautiful, historical landmarks and cultural wonders that Heidelberg has to offer.

The city center including its romantic old town, the river Neckar and the castle can be reached quickly and easily from the MEININGER Hotel Heidelberg either using bus, tram or just taking a stroll through the city. The main train station itself is also only a short walking distance. The new district of Bahnstadt is nearby which has several cosy cafes and restaurants.

The pursuit of study and knowledge has traditions going back centuries in Heidelberg. The interior design of the hotel is headlined by the motto 'know-how', which pays homage to the educational theme of the city. The hotel itself is adorned with asymmetrical shapes, colour contrasts and a material mix of metal and wood which turn apparent opposites into a harmonious experience.

There are a total of 100 rooms and 331 beds in the hotel. Like all MEININGER hotels, it provides all the facilities you will need during your stay, whether you are a family with little ones or a backpacker looking for an adventure. It is a non-smoking hotel and offers free WiFi throughout, 24 hour reception with a friendly, multi-lingual staff and a guest kitchen where you can cook up whatever you like.

The public zones are a great place to relax, socialise and meet people if you wish. There is a bar and a lounge. The rooms all come fully fitted including TV, bathroom ensuite and hairdryers, lines, and towels (small fee if you are staying in a dorm).

Free services:
- 24h reception
- Wi-Fi
- Bedding
- Towels (excluding dorms)
- Maps
- Guest kitchen temporary closed
- Terrace backyard
- Hotelbar

Services available for a small charge:
- Breakfast To Go
- Packed Lunch
- Late check out till 2 PM for 15,00 EUR (Only private rooms)
- Towels for guests in dormitories for 1 EUR
- Laundry machine and Dryer
- Pets for 15,00 EUR per day
- Luggage room use
- Tickets for public transportation
- Tickets for city tours, musicals & CO
- Paid parking for 9,50 EUR per day

NOTE: We are a cashless hotel. We accept all major bank and credit cards. So swift, so secure, so simple!

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240 리뷰
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2022. 4. 29.
살짝 외진 곳에 있는거 빼고는 전부 최고 시내까지 걸어갈 수는 있지만 추천은 안함 시설 정말 좋습니다 호텔방에 도미토리 있다고 생각하면됨
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남성, 31-40
2020. 2. 24.
최고에요 무조건 여기 묵으세요!! 열쇠가 아니라 호텔처럼 카드 형식이라 출입이 되게 편해요. 작은 수건, 큰 수건 둘 다 준비되어 있고 드라이기도 있어요. 드라이기 바람 짱짱해요 ! 수압도 세고 온수 잘 나옵니다 :) 침대 옆에 개인 전등이랑 콘센트도 하나씩 있어요. 따로 캐리어를 넣을 수 있는 공간은 없지만, 세워둘 공간은 됩니다. 라운지도 되게 넓고 깨끗하고 좋았어요. 중앙역에서 진짜 가깝고, 직원분들도 정말 유쾌하세요! 특히 남자분 정말 유쾌하십니다! 하이델 가면 꼭 다시 머무르고 싶은 곳이에요 !!
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여성, 18-24
2019. 11. 14.
새로 지어진 곳인지 엄청 깨끗하고요. 화장실 샤워실 분리되어 있어서 편해요. 드라이어도 갖춰져있고 바람이 엄청 빠방합니다. 묵었던 호스텔중에 여기만 샤워젤 핸드솝 같은게 있었어요. 2층침대 1개, 1층침대 2개 총 4개침대가 작은방에 있다보니 1층침대는 나란히 붙여놓은 구조라서 동침하는 느낌이라 좀 애매합니다. ㅋㅋ 그리고 캐리어도 최대 3개정도 펼칠수 있을것 같아요. 제가 묵었을때는 딱 여자 3명이라 다행이었네요ㅋ 작은 사물함 같은건 있지만 실용성이 떨어져서 아무도 사용은 안했어요. 시내쪽이랑 거리는 좀 있지만 트램타는곳이 가까워서 괜찮아요. 플릭스 버스에서 내려서 도보로 20분정도 걸렸는데 캐리어 끌고 걸을만 했구요. 청결함을 최우선으로 여기시면 아주 추천하는 곳입니다. 더블침대 하나 놓고 영업하면 그냥 비즈니스 호텔로 영업해도 괜찮을것 같은 곳이네요 추천추천!
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여성, 31-40


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