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Welcome to Dormsin Hostel, Koh Phi Phi, I've lived and worked here on and off, since 2011 (and man have I seen some crazy, messed up stuff) I'm basically a backpacker who didnt want to go home and turned a holiday into an idea that turned into Dormsin…

When you book at Dormsin you are getting the inside line to all our contacts (drinking partners), the island's local people information service (basically gossip) and real money discounts. (actually, this is true).
Book any boat tour, party boat, Diving or travel tickets via Dormsin and its a Buy One Get One Free Drink offer

Dormsin is Phi Phi's Original Pod Hostel, with two rooms and our New Topfloor Common area/movie room/Bar, perfect for Phi Phi Sunsets.

The largest rooms has 24 beds ( i know it sounds a lot, well obviously it is a lot) but the room is mahoooosive over 72sq metres and when you want some privacy you just draw the curtain, serenity and seclusion are acheived., especially with a pair of ear buds/plugs.

This room also has Double Bed Couple Pods, apprenty this feature breaks the internet as it is impossible to create a double bed option across all the booking websites....so i guess that makes us Unique.. Lets us know if you want tthis via email and we can check avilabilty.

There are 2 outside balconies, one for hanging wet towels clothes etc....the other for hanging around.smoking etc
This bathroom has six shower and combined toilets, wet room style, (yes i know combined isnt everyone's cup of tea) but they save a lot of space with minimal waiting time, offering a 1/4 ratio if the hostel is full, pretty good odds and 20 people can all be showered and done in 30 mins. I obviously dont stand outside the bathroom timing people......ok maybe once..
And as a previous guest pointed out "...not everyone pee's in the shower but every shower gets pee'd in, so having the loo so close is cleaner" If i'm honest it wasnt my my primary motivation but i think as a theory it holds merit.

The downstairs room has16 pod beds, also set in one room with seating throughout.and smaller cosy common area.
These pods have the same full privacy, as well as a light, plug point, shelf, hooks and a hands-free extremely bendable arm to watch phones and tablets on.
This room's bathroom set up is different as it has the standard 3 seperate showers and and 3 seperate toilets.
In both rooms it so simple to chat and meet new people.

All our linen is 100% Cotton, we also give you TWO HYPO ALLERGENIC PILLOWS too (what was the world like before such inventions...truly savage dark times).
With our 24 cm thick spring mattresses, we think, this makes us the smartest, comfiest, most kitted out pods on the Island...we think you will too think that we thought about the thing you will think. Clear...Good. Moving on.

User warning:
When you spend the night in our comfy, quiet and darkened womb-like pod (not a wet squishy sack) you are literally bordering on sensory deprivation. So, don't do what one guy did...put on a blindfold and ear plugs inside his pod...he overslept and missed his dive.......by five hours. Watching him emerge dazed and confused was hilarious and i managed to pull a few strings and once the dive shop manager had stopped laughing, he let the lad dive the next day.


Watch TV series & Movies screens and popcorn
BIG storage lockers, (bring a padlock)
Hot showers, obviously.
Free water, tea and coffee, (and hot chocolate when it rains) not so obviously.
Quality Book Swap...we do not except swaps, for example, of a 3 page leaflet on Thai table manners for Shantaram....capiche?
Staring into mirrors
Not staining sheets
Board games, Playing cards, Uno, Connect 4 , Chess, Draughts etc etc etc
Group Boat Trips
Trekking Routes, varied distances and difficulties. From Flip Flops to Hiking Boots
Sunset kayaking Routes
If you have made it this far down the text you just might have what it takes to be Dormsin Volunteer, let us know.when you arrive.

I really don't know why I bothered writing this personal Opus (look it up) nobody reads this far anyway, You'll read half the intro and then go straight to reviews and photos. (Ok i realise the irony when asking a question, with a proposition, that states nobody is reading the question)
So, if you are reading this, man you must be bored, but if you are, put the words free drink in the special requests option and when you book, your reading diligence/boredom threshold will be rewarded. We will also get an idea how many of you have read this far down..empirically sciencey!

There is a reason we did not use capitals or speech marks or any other way of highlighting the words free drink (we are mentioning this it too many times) to camouflage the words and fool the people who are just speed scanning all this nonsense and their party brain (neurologically proven term) picks up on the words free drink (Ssssssssh, ffs that's three times now) and honed in. Hopefully, you found it through curiosity, captivation or even confinement. (ok this is a literation stretch, granted, but it holds up..so just keep reading, you've come so far, your nearly there!)

To you Party brain' people you should probably consider staying at a party hostel, we understand they offer free 'sand in your bed skin exfoliation process', wipe down mattress and vibrating beds that harness the awesome power of room shaking bass all night.

See you soon


*A.I killer robot arms from the future, may not be included.


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최근 리뷰

2023. 11. 19.
Jason the owner and his staff have been fantastic! They went above and beyond with sorting us out for any odd requests and offered recommendations and assistance in any matter. The accom is what you need it for and it created a friendly environment, the upstairs has a bar with a twister mat! There is a chat which is used for the Dormsin, get yourself in there and get socialising guys!
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남성, 25-30
매우 좋음
2023. 11. 14.
Jason was super nice and very helpful with anything you needed and the WhatsApp is great! There was no soap when I was there and got told tough luck🤣 the beds weren’t that comfy either! The social area is only open from 8:30 at night, would have been great to be open and busy all day or just more than a few hours! The downstairs room feels like a corridor and there’s no AC only fans and the smallest ‘blanket’ ever! Not bad but probably wouldn’t stay again
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여성, 25-30
2023. 11. 06.
Overall a pleasant stay at Dormsin - basic accommodation, however get involved with the group WhatsApp and evening ‘welcome’ drinks. Jason is a fantastic host and is on hand to help with anything that comes up. Very good night sleep, as pods very quiet even when people coming in late. Bathrooms basic and can be a bit smelly at times.
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여성, 25-30


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