This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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Nomad Cave is an online, youth-oriented hostel located on -1 floor. We are on a walking distance from all the major tourist attractions. We provide lockable rooms with code, luggage rooms, access to kitchen and laundry.
We are an online, no-reception hostel.

We take cleanliness seriously, so the rooms are thoroughly cleaned after every stay and the shared amenities are cleaned daily by a professional cleaning company.

How does it work?
- Book your stay and pre-pay full amount
- Get room and bed number + access codes within 24 hours prior arrival date
- Minimum staff contact!

In-room lockers in dormitories equipped with space for your own padlock use, common area with TV, free WiFi, luggage room with code, kitchenette with fridge, kettle and microwave. Bed Linen and 1 Towel are included into the room rate.

Group offfers
Planning on a trip with friends or school? We provide special offers for groups with 10 people or more!

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in: anytime after 15.00. Just enter the hostel using codes!
Check-out: anytime before 11.00. We have an express checkout: just pack and go.

Reception working hours:
08:00 am – 10:30 am & 15:00 pm - 00:00 am

Online support hours:
daily, from 07:00 till 23:00


At the moment of booking you are paying a full price. We will email receipt or notification if your payment failed.

Age restrictions & Other Regulations
* Children above 12 years are welcome. Please note that we are not suitable for any children below 12 years old.
* Children below 18 years old may stay in hostel in presence of their parents or legal guardians.
* No loud noise between 23.00-07.00
* Smoking, alcohol & drugs consumption and storage is not allowed
* Hostel is not suitable for wheel chair users due to technical building layout
* Maximum one-time stay is 14 days
* Please note: we are a youth digital hostel for young backpacker travellers. We have age restrictions of 12-40 years old for all booking.

Cancellation policy and No-Show
Free cancellation at least 7 days before arrival date. If you cancel less than 7 days prior arrival - we will charge full amount as cancellation fee.
If you do not show up for your stay without notification - we will charge full amount.

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최근 리뷰

2017. 2. 01.
잘때춥고 지저분하고 방음같은건 기대말고 외국인들 덩치도 큰데....ㅋ 이불은 나한테도 작고 얇고ㅜㅜ 9시에나가서 7시쯤 숙소 돌아오는 일정 3일내내 직원은 구경도 못해봤고.....ㅋㅋ 트렁크 들고 지하계단 내려오다가 뇌진탕 걸릴뻔하고...(좁고 가파름)..... 그나마 가격이 저렴하니 잠만 주무실거라면.....뭐......그래도 숙면은 기대치 마시길
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여성, 31-40
2015. 10. 17.
버스역과 지하철역에서 가까워서 위치는 좋았지만 그 이외에는 좋았던게 없네요. 리셉션 시간이 매우 한정적이어서 직원은 보지도 못했고 화장실도 깔끔하다는 느낌은 못 받았습니다. 제가 갔을 때만 그랬던건진 모르겠지만 투숙객이 거의 남자여서 혼숙방은 친구 빼고 전부 다 남자여서 좀 당황스럽기도 했구요. 그냥 다른 데 가세요...
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여성, 18-24
2015. 9. 16.
금요일 토요일은 분위기가 너무 혼잡하고 산만했다. 24시간 리셉션이 아니니까 저녁에 시끄러운 것을 통제할 수 없나보다. 좀 시끄러워서 잠을 잘 못자고 룸메이트로 있는 외국인이 방안에서 음식을 먹어서 냄새가 심했다.
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여성 그룹, 18-24


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