This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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무료 취소 최소 8일 전 또는 그보다 더 일찍 예약 시 무료 취소가 가능합니다.

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Sant Jordi Mambo Tango is mostly highly rated here on Hostelworld for their staff, who have been described by our users as ?friendly and welcoming? because they ?make you feel at home straight away?. This clean, warm and chilled-out hostel has been recommended for lone travellers as it?s easy to meet people at their many daily activities. Many of our guests have compared this hostel to staying at a friend?s house and that they?d come here again.

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Welcome to new Mambo Tango hostel! Hostel is located Paralel street, if you're a foodie lover you'll have plenty of places to enjoy best Barcelona food, from Quimet Quimet right next door to Blai street where you can enjoy best tapas street in Barcelona. Nightclubs as Apolo or Laut are there, or theaters and musical shows also are in Paralel street. Paralel street has been for more many years a place for shows, artists, restaurants and all social life of Barcelona along with the Ramblas. Also Montjuic is just one step from the hostel, with nice paths to walk, with football fields, MNAC museum and many more. Will be difficult to find a better place in Barcelona to spend some unforgettable days.

We have a 24h reception open with card access, so you don't have worry about in and out all the time. Same card you can use it to get in to the room to make things easy. Common area is separate from rooms so when you go to bed you will have a nice rest, as also room´s doors are big and do not let the sound pass.

We have dorms and private rooms, and each floor has their own showers and toilets.

Accommodation with stairs, does not have an elevator.
Not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

Registration Number AJ000486

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2016. 1. 29.
직원분이 너무 좋았어요 사랑스럽고 밝아서 시설은 그냥 그랬고 불편한게 있었다면 오후에 힘들어서 숙소에 쉬러 갔는데 낮에 자고 밤에 활동하는 사람들이 있어서 쉴 수가 없었다는거... 하루종일 깜깜한 곳에서 생활해야 했던
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2015. 2. 04.
3일간 묵을 예정이었으나 바르셀로나도, 호스텔도 좋아서 하루 더 있었습니다. 조식이나 석식이 제공되는 호스텔은 아니지만 스탭들이 토스트를 챙겨주기도, 저녁에 요리를 많이 해서 나눠 먹기도 하고 그랬습니다. (물로 이 부분은 스탭들의 맘에 따라 상황이 달라지는거지만요) 호스텔이 외곽인지라 많이 걱정했는데, 생각보다 시내와도 가까워서 걸어다녔습니다. 방도 항상 깨끗했고, 카드키로 문을 여는 방식인데다 체크인을 할 때 개인 라커 자물쇠까지 주는 등 안전에도 굉장히 신경을 쓴 듯했습니다. 무엇보다도 스태프들이 친절하고 어느 곳보다도 다른 사람들과 어울려 놀 수 있는 호스텔다운 호스텔이었어서 더 좋았습니다. 강력 추천!
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여성, 18-24
2015. 1. 26.
1월 26 ~ 29일까지 혼성 8인실 도미토리를 예약하였고 숙소가 마음에 들어 1박을 추가 하였다. 스텝들은 모두 친절하고 룸도 넓어서 이용하기 편리했다. 방안에 캐비넷이 배치되어 있으며, 캐리어가 들어갈 정도의 큰 크기이다. 자물쇠는 리셉션할 때 준다. 조식은 스텝이 직접 커피와 토스트를 제공해준다. 단점으로는 주 거리인 람블라 거리와는 도보로 약 25분정도 떨어져있다. 전철로는 2~3정거장 거리이지만 밤에 여성이 혼자 도보로 걸어다니기에는 무리가 있어 보인다. 이것을 제외하고는 모든 것이 만족스러운 호스텔이었다.
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남성, 18-24


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맘보 탱고 유스 호스텔의 말

I think what makes us special are the extras we offer our guests. We're a family hostel and our knowledgeable and friendly staff always have good recommendations for restaurants, bars and day-trips out of Barcelona. We're located very close to La Rambla and the Monjuic area - both are cool places, well worth checking out. I also usually tell our guests to go to Quimet and Quimet -- it's an awesome place for tapas and for meeting people. We cater for people with special needs or disabilities. We always give them great rooms and do what we can to make sure all of our visitors are comfortable and having a good time!

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