This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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So, you are off! You have just decided to travel to El Chalten, and from now on your choices are easier, especially concerning your housing.
Rancho Grande is a pioneer, and still the best hostel in Chalten. Strategically situated near all trekking paths, it offers your choice of shared bedrooms or private rooms, kitchen facilities, baggage storage, safe box, internet service, laundry, restaurant, and best of all, Rancho Grande (widely known as Rancho) is the best place to meet people from all around the world, make new friends, share some beers and watch sports or movies.
The recipe is simple, take your favorite London or Irish Pub, throw some sports bar in the mix, add a little spice of a club scene and what you get is the main room of Rancho.
Dont forget you can also taste the big and famous Bife Rancho or Milanesa Rancho. Both are ideal to replenish your energy after trekking the surrounding area, or maybe you can take a bite of the sweet pastries offered at the bar counter.
The bi-lingual staff at the hostel will do their best to make your stay at Rancho comfortable and cozy. They will offer you the whole panorama you need to enjoy your trip, information regarding places to visit, things to do and not to do, the ins and outs of the area, and trendy suggestions. They are a mix of reception staff, weather forecasters, traffic cops and gpss, and want to make your trip fun and enjoyable.
The staff can also book excursions and accommodations in El Calafate. They sell bus tickets to almost everywhere in Patagonia, and even book airline flights from their travel offices near the entrance of the town.
Breakfast is included in private rooms.
Rancho sits proudly along the main avenue in Chalten.
As you can see, your choice of where to stay is simple. The only downside is that you must book in advance, specially in high season (September to January). So, pack your stuff and come to Rancho Grande, we are waiting for you with all of our amazing amenities.
You will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience and for sure once you have been here, you will be back for another round!!!

Modern, clean and spacious with kitchen facilities, a restaurant/bar, internet access and laundry.

We hope you choose to stay with us. Our friendly, multi-lingual staff will be waiting for you!

We're sure you will not want to leave!!

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2019. 4. 17.
엘 칼라파테-엘 찰텐을 이어주는 버스 회사 '찰텐트레블' 회사의 버스가 란초 그란데 호스텔 앞에 정차하여 출발합니다. 그렇기에 탑승시간 30분 전에 숙소 바로 앞에서 짐을 부치고 나서 버스터미널에서 몸만 가볍게 탑승이 가능합니다. 그리고 숙소에서 '찰텐트레블' 버스의 탑승 시간을 변경할 수 있습니다. 숙소 또한 피츠로이 산을 가기에 최적의 위치를 지니고 있으며 도보 2분 거리에 마트가 있습니다. 화장실과 샤워실은 따로 구비 되어 있으며 시설 수가 많아 이용하기 편합니다.
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남성, 25-30
2017. 11. 20.
침대에서 손톱만한 베드버그 나왔습니다 체크아웃할때 발견해서 사진보여주고 벧벅 나왔다고하니 리셉션 직원이 '우리 호스텔에는 베드버그가 살지 않으니 너네 짐에서 나온 것이다' 라고 말해서 어이없었습니다 환불받을 마음도 없었고 좋게좋게 넘어가려했지만 그 말 듣고 너무 기분나빴어요. 다음 도시 오자마자 싹 다 옷세탁하고 그랬지만 아직 찝찝하네요 다른 분 후기에도 벌레 물리셨다고 되어있던데 어쨌든 오지마세요. 비추입니다 좋은 점은 트레킹하기 좋은 위치에 있는 숙소라는거? 그거하나에요
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커플, 18-24
매우 좋음
2017. 2. 23.
베게에서 알수없는 벌레가 나옴. 죽이니 피가 흥건하게 나옴. 그 이유 때문인지는 알 수 없으나, 손과 발에 베드버그같은 벌레물린 흔적 생김. 주방, 샤워실은 2군데로 넓고 괜춘.
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여성, 25-30


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