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호스텔- 시내에서 1.22km 거리
Narakan Hostel is a magic hostel where you can meet yourself, make Friends, have fun or relax, half board, includes breakfast and dinner, homemade food, hospitality and a friendly service is offered daily. In Cabo Polonio there aren´t street names or number....
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도미토리 최저가격
비에호 로보
호스텔- 시내에서 1.33km 거리
We are offering two double rooms with double beds for couples (with an extra bed), one room for four people and two rooms for six people each. The Property offers two completely equipped bathrooms with hot water showers, a big common area with tables and...
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로보 호스텔 바
7.6매우 좋음
호스텔- 시내에서 1.18km 거리
The hostel is located just meters from the beach Skull, one of the two most important beaches in the area, while a hundred meters from the center. The bar-restaurant is located on the main avenue, twenty yards from the main market, and one hundred meters...
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Posada Buscavida
호스텔- 시내에서 10.9km 거리
Posada Buscavida is the perfect place to rest and connect with nature. Surrounded by native bush, it is located at the foot of the dunes of Cabo Polonio National Park, 10 km from it's lighthouse. From its park you can access one of the most exceptional virgin...
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