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Tropical Hostel
호스텔- 시내에서 0.58km 거리
Tropical Hostel is located only 10 minutes walk from Praia do Amor, a cosy space to relax and enjoy nature. We have private and shared rooms, shared kitchen, rest area with a tennis table, hammocks, swimming pool, wi-fi and açaí-bar. Our rooms are spacious,...
개인실 최저가격
도미토리 최저가격
피파 호스텔 HI
호스텔- 시내에서 0.38km 거리
Surfcamp Araral has been considered one of the best hostels in Brazil. Our private rooms have private bathroom, fan, fridge and air conditioning that works from 22pm to 8am hours Our dormitories are spacious and have private bathroom fan and air conditioning...
개인실 최저가격
도미토리 최저가격
Iduna Hostel
호스텔- 시내에서 0.74km 거리
Iduna Hostel is located in a big house with a pool, bar and a camping area, surrounded by woods and only 4 minutes walking distance to 'Praia do Amor' in Pipa. We have 3 private rooms with air conditioner, one of them with bathtub so the guest could have...
개인실 최저가격
도미토리 최저가격
라가르토 나 바나나
호스텔- 시내에서 0.94km 거리
Here you will find the ideal environment to make new friends, learn new languages ​​and come into contact with other cultures, sharing experiences of all kinds. In addition to an environment full of interpersonal exchange, each day have a free yoga class,...
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도미토리 최저가격
Samo Hostel
7.9매우 좋음
호스텔- 시내에서 0.46km 거리
Samo Hostel is more than just a hostel, is a place for travelers to meet, connect, be creative and experience the paradise of Pipa on a beautiful hostel property under a lush green tree. If you're looking for community, inspiration, and connection. You have...
개인실 최저가격
도미토리 최저가격
Free Hostel
호스텔- 시내에서 0.53km 거리
Free Hostel, located 300m from Praia do Amor, with a bakery, grocery store, and bus stop nearby. Complete and new structure and furnishings, as well as 24-hour camera monitoring and electric fencing. In addition to all the staff on hand ensure that all your...
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도미토리 최저가격

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