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호스텔- 시내에서 0.69km 거리
Jericoacoara is a natural sanctuary located in its National Park, 300km from the state capital, Fortaleza.Jeri is famous around the world for kitesurf and windsurf but especially for its incredible diversity of landscapes: from dunes and natural lagoons to...
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도미토리 최저가격
호스텔- 시내에서 0.66km 거리
Cozy and peaceful place, our tents are in harmony with nature, which brings a pleasant feeling of well-being and tranquility. Come and meet us and enjoy a very familiar and relaxed environment where you can enjoy direct contact with nature. Featuring garden...
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호스텔 푸사다 라 따뻬라 제리
7.6매우 좋음
호스텔- 시내에서 0.69km 거리
The idea of this project was born when traveling in Argentina. I realized how important it is to feel 'home away from home'. Once back, my brother and I, with the help of our whole family opened LaTapera Jeri Cama & Cafe, a place where everyone can feel like...
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Raiz Kite Cabana
7.1매우 좋음
호스텔- 시내에서 0.98km 거리
We are an Eco-friendly hostel and pousada located in Jericoacoara's Main Square (best location). We offers you private cabins and shareds dorms for up to 4 people with free WiFi, a nice garden, a bar and kite surf classes. The hostel and pousada are situated...
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도미토리 최저가격

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