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Selina Bonito
호스텔- 시내에서 0.31km 거리
Into the wild, one can find himself in direct contact with nature, immersed in the rustic feel of embracing the simple life surroundings. The smell of rustic dip coffee served on the early-morning breakfasts, the warm invitation of a waterfall trail in the...
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도미토리 최저가격
Bonito Hostel
호스텔- 시내에서 1.86km 거리
The Hostel Bonito is not only an accommodation is a ecological travel agency, which are located inside and facilitate your tour as we are experts in ecological tourism, one of the most recommended in the world, it is also recommended by the world's leading...
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도미토리 최저가격
Rodrigo Hostel Suites
호스텔- 시내에서 0.54km 거리
Welcome to Pousada Rodrigo Hostel! Pousada Rodrigo Hostel, located in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, is an amazing option for those looking for a cozy and affordable place to stay during their vacation. With breathtaking views of nature, the hostel offers a...
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도미토리 최저가격
체 라가르토 호스텔 스위트 보니토
7.9매우 좋음
호텔- 시내에서 0.09km 거리
Bonito has everything for spectacular hollydays.Your stay has to be extraordinary! Welcome to the marvelous CLH Suites Bonito Centro! The most modern, comfortable and fun Suites of the city. Located 100 m from 'Plaza da Cidade', next to every attraction and...
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체 라가르토 호스텔 보니토
7.1매우 좋음
호텔- 시내에서 0.99km 거리
A unique Hotel in the marvelous city of Bonito! With facilities, level and service of a Hotel in a big city, but in a destination of extreme nature, adventure and biodiversity. Strategically located in front of the main Avenue, CLH Suites Bonito Jardim has...
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