This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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무료 취소 최소 2일 전 또는 그보다 더 일찍 예약 시 무료 취소가 가능합니다.

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Sapa Capsule is one of the hotel capsule modern system in the world. With the unique, modern and convenience but also reasonable price, our hotel will bring to our customers extremely new experiences while staying with us
Each capsule is well-equipped, cozy and comfortable. You can really enjoy a good sleep inside our capsule. We have a large balcony on top floor so you can have a great view to see the scenery of mountain and Centre town.

Some more information you might want to know:
We also provide other information for travelling in Sapa and the North of Vietnam.
Trekking to village
Bac Ha Market
Ha Giang…
The breakfast will be served from 6.30 am to 9.30 am with reasonable price: 50.000 VND/meal.
Our check in and check out time:
Check in time: 13.00
Check out time: 11:00
At the moment, we don’t have receptionist at night time. We start open gate to welcome guest from 6.00 – 23.00. Please inform us your arrival time if you don’t arrive in our opening time.
For last minutes booking (on the same arrival day), please provide your arrival time when you make a booking or simply contact to us via mail:
Or Facebook page:

Wake up in the morning and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Get out of noisy from the city, enjoy a fresh atmosphere and cozy BBQ at night with a group of friends on the weekend.

Let’s come to Sapa and stay with Sapa Capsule!!!
Cool to stay!
Fun to play!

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2019. 9. 16.
가격도 저렴하고 뷰도 좋고 직원도 친절하고 휴식을 취하기에도 너무 좋았습니다 다만 위치가 ㅎㅎ 한번 나갈때마다 돌아올때 등산하는기분이었어요
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남성, 41+
매우 좋음
2019. 8. 08.
조식은 없었지만 다 좋았습니다. 보안을 최하점으로 줬는데 이유는 직원이 제 락카를 열어 확인하는 모습을 제가 직접 목격했기 때문입니다. 뭐하는짓이냐고 물으니 쏘리한마디 없이 닫고 옆락카(다른손님물품있었음)를 열어 확인후다시 다시 잠구는 모습또한 목격했습니다. 물론 없어진것은 없었지만 정말 화가났습니다. 숙박업은 손님락커에 손대면 안된다는걸 모를리 없을텐데 그러한 행동은 용납될수 없다고생각합니다. 이용에 유의하세요. Nothing was missing from my locker but I had untolerable situation happened. I saw one of employee try to open my locker. I saw it myself. I told him “what are you doing” and he said “ah..”. He didn’t say sorry. He then opened locker of other guests.
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남성, 25-30
2019. 1. 04.
새벽에 도착해서 피곤한데.... 리셉션리스트 오픈 시간 지났는데도 없음. 자고 있었음....;; 캡슐 너무 작고 문이 안잠기더라는... 허술한 캡슐... 사진하고 너무 다름... 그리고 위치가 너무 올라가야 하고 현지 택시가 위치를 못찾기도 하고 거기까지 못올라간다고 해서 무거운 짐 같고 산으로 등반...무척 가파름... 새벽 20km캐리어 들고 암벽등반하는 느낌같은 느낌...
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여성, 41+


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