This hostel is committed to following WHO and local government guidelines for Covid-19 sanitation. This includes increased cleaning routines, better hygiene measures and social distancing when required.
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At Mad Monkey Central we offer comfortable and clean facilities for backpackers in a great central location in Cairns! Treat yourselves to a daily Free Hot Breakfast in the mornings & budget priced drinks at our brand new outdoor bar in the evenings! Relax at our newly refurbished swimming pool and sunbath at the cabanas after a great day out, exploring all-natural wonders that Cairns and its surroundings have to offer.

Hungry? Hey, we have got it all! Order discounted food from our Gourmet Pizza restaurant on site while joining our daily Free Events & Activities. Still have some energy left to use? All our guests can enjoy a Daily Free Access to a local gym!
And just when you thought it cannot get much better than that, we drop in a TV room with Netflix & Playstation, Super fast Free Wifi throughout the property & the friendliest staff out there!
Become a part of our Mad Monkey Family & enjoy your stay!

We offer all types of accommodation, from mixed to female dorms and private double or private twin rooms. High-quality mattresses with comfy pillows and linen, that is included for a great night sleep. Our private double rooms come with personal towels, otherwise our reception team is more than happy to assist you with a towel hire if you forgot to bring one.
All our rooms are Air-Conditioned & all our bunk beds are equipped with personal USB ports & power sockets to make sure you can comfortably scroll through your new travel pictures from your bed. Oh, and do not forget to bring a padlock for our security lockers in the dorms.

Our reception is open from 7am - 11pm. Check in is available after hours with our night manager.

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최근 리뷰

2018. 1. 15.
도난당한 물품이 있는데 직원들이 모르쇠로 일관하는것빼고는 좋았어요 👍
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남성, 25-30
2018. 1. 09.
위치나 시설은 좋았지만 화장실과 샤워시설은 조금 실망스러웠습니다. 제가 사용한 층에 샤워시설에 세군데 있었지만 한군데는 고장났는지 물이 나오지 않았고, 한곳은 물이 막혀 내려가지 않아 한곳만 사용가능했고 샤워기 수압이 약하고 물이 찼습니다. 크루 분들의 서비는 친절하고 좋았고, 에어콘은 24시간 가동되어 밤에는 추워서 긴팔을 입고 자야했습니다. 아침 일찍 나가는 일이 많아 조식을 먹을 시간이 없었는데 6시부터 씨리얼과 우유를 준비해주신 것도 좋았습니다. 보증금 20$ 있고 체크아웃할때 돌려받을 수 있습니다. 수건이나 샴푸 같은 것은 다 따로 준비해야 하고 샤워시설과 화장실은 모두 공용이어서 여자 샤워실인줄 알고 사용했다가 조금 당황스러웠긴 했지만 불편함은 없었습니다. 샤워시설이 조금 아쉬웠던 것 빼고는 좋았습니다. 하지만 밤이되면 식당이 항상 술집이나 클럽 분위기여서 요리를 해서 먹거나 하기엔 조금 부담스러웠습니다. 침대와 베개 정말 푹신했지만 내에서 음식 섭취는 불가능 합니다.
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여성, 18-24
매우 좋음
2023. 4. 27.
Good equipped property! However Bathrooms were very dirty. A couple of staff members came across rude when asking for something
더 보기
커플, 25-30


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