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위치 이탈리아, 성별 남성, 나이 38

  • 익명
  • 이탈리아, 남성, 31-40
  • 초보 여행자
존 갈트, 브르노, 체코 공화국

I cannot express a complete review because I was not actually staying there because I was invited to a friend's house later. I just saw the entrance and my room. I think it can be good for a short stay. Not very sure about the atmosphere. Perhaps the room looked a bit claustrophobic, but the location is good, very close to the centre and there were not noisy construction sites around as far as I noticed. Those were the main reasons why I chose this hostel.

    • 8.0가성비
    • 8.0보안
    • 10.0위치
    • 8.0시설
    • 6.0직원
    • 6.0분위기
    • 8.0청결
  • 익명
  • 이탈리아, 남성, 31-40
  • 초보 여행자
시제크 인, 프라하, 체코 공화국

I enjoyed my stay. The place is safe, it is well-connected through the public transport network. The atmosphere was very enjoyable. I recommend it and I would stay there again.

    • 10.0가성비
    • 10.0보안
    • 10.0위치
    • 8.0시설
    • 8.0직원
    • 10.0분위기
    • 10.0청결

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