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  • 잉글랜드, 여성, 41+
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호스텔 올드 플로브디브, 플로브디프, 불가리아

Helpful staff, great home made lemonade free all the time and good showers. Looks nice but no soundproofing. If someone checks out early morning or comes in late you may get woken up (we all did in our room). Needs addressing. Meat eaters get a lovely breakfast of salami cheese olives and salad. Vegans get the salad and olives. Plenty of alternatives to meat and dairy now so could have provided something. Picturesque location. Make sure you go up to the fortress

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  • 익명
  • 잉글랜드, 여성, 41+
  • 초보 여행자
샨티 호스텔, 스코페, 북마케도니아

Brilliant staff, great location, breakfast not too early! Clean with lovely powerful hot showers. Big locker for stuff. Even though i stayed in an 8 bed dorm and it was full it didn't seem crowded because the beds were arranged well. Great location 5 or 10 Mon from bus station. It was Macedonian Christmas when I was there and the staff made traditional Macedonian dishes for us to try. It was lovely. The hostel is cozy and chilled. I was definitely stay again. Thanks to everybody there.

    • 10.0가성비
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