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위치 핀란드, 성별 여성, 나이 28

  • 익명
  • 핀란드, 여성, 18-24
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더 올드 스완 배럭스, 퍼스, 호주

Good for one night, wouldn’t stay longer tho

    • 6.0가성비
    • 6.0보안
    • 8.0위치
    • 6.0시설
    • 8.0직원
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    • 4.0청결
  • 익명
  • 핀란드, 여성, 18-24
  • 초보 여행자
오션 비치 백패커스, 퍼스, 호주

We absolutely loved Ocean Beach Backpackers! Amazing staff, great atmosphere and good facilities. Kitchen was big and had all the supplies you could imagine, however dishes you needed to pay a 10 dollar deposit for. The room was excellent, own bathroom and spacious for 6 persons with plenty of storage room. Would be perfectly suitable for a long-term stay. The wifi unfortunately only worked in the lobby and wasnt the greatest, which was probably the onöy downside.

    • 10.0가성비
    • 10.0보안
    • 10.0위치
    • 10.0시설
    • 10.0직원
    • 10.0분위기
    • 10.0청결
  • 익명
  • 핀란드, 여성, 18-24
  • 초보 여행자
짱구 비치 호스텔, Canggu, 인도네시아

It wasn’t what we expected. Located pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The beach is close yes, but everything else is really far away. Never saw the pool that is feattured in those photos, only a small one near the entrance. No fridges, you need to basically buy everything from their own restaurant.

    • 6.0가성비
    • 8.0보안
    • 4.0위치
    • 4.0시설
    • 6.0직원
    • 6.0분위기
    • 6.0청결