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  • 익명
  • 말레이시아, 커플, 31-40
  • 초보 여행자
럽디 방콕 씨암, 방콕, 태국

Near to BTS, nice hostel, but the hostel do not provide breakfast and drinking water which was most of the hostels is provided.

    • 6.0비용 가치
    • 8.0보안
    • 8.0위치
    • 6.0시설
    • 6.0직원
    • 6.0분위기
    • 8.0청결
  • 익명
  • 말레이시아, 커플, 31-40
  • 초보 여행자
Xi-Men Corner, 타이페이, 대만

This hostel is quite new, but this was the worst hotel we ever been. No receptionist, cant find a person who can bring us to the room, may be it is under the renovation. we manage to asked a contractor, he told us to stay whatever room is available, but the contractor is nice and friendly, recommend a lot of local interest place and food. The only issue is the hostel's personnel, there are always not around. We will not recommend for my friend.

    • 2.0비용 가치
    • 2.0보안
    • 2.0위치
    • 2.0시설
    • 2.0직원
    • 2.0분위기
    • 2.0청결
  • 익명
  • 말레이시아,
  • 초보 여행자
Redfish Heart of Seoul, 서울, 대한민국

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    • 0.0비용 가치
    • 10.0보안
    • 6.0위치
    • 0.0시설
    • 8.0직원
    • 6.0분위기
    • 8.0청결

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