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Flat B, 15/F, Front Block, 294 King's Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong, 홍콩

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First of all, the location is not so bad. From fortress hill staiton exit E, it is not that far. First day, i statyed in the room for two persons. But the bed is not like Queen size, just like the dorm, there is secon-floor bed. And second days, I moved to the dorm for 8 people. The bath condition is not so good. And the lobby is located in 9 floor, but it is not opened all day. When i nocked at 12:00pm for making a travel plan with my friends. The conclusion is maybe i am not going to stay here

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Dear Guest, Thanks for your staying! We're so sorry to hear that you don't like the private room with 2 double bed, which we free upgrade to you at the first night! Our hostel is only 5 mins walk from Fortress Hill station exit B, we have mini lobbys with computer and sofa in most of the floors/Apartments( including the apartment you stay). Also there is a bigger rest room with kitchen for guest use in 9 floor, you can access it with the same password anytime!


Yesinn is a good hostel in HK,perhaps the best in term of efficiency and friendless. Fortress hill is second best after causeway bay Yesinn. Still the price is cheaper so it is worth.

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