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180여 개국 3만 개 이상의 숙박시설 3백 50만개 이상의 생생한 숙박 리뷰 2천100만 건의 예

Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel

2-13-21 Shitaya Taitouku, 도쿄, 일본


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숙소 정보:

Would you like to stay at a true traditional Japanese house?
We can offer it to you!!!

We have a fashionable bar lounge area.
Locals come and drink at this bar lounge area.
You can talk and make friends with Japanese local people and tourists.

Your first drink is free on every night! (We will stop this campaign without any notice)

The wooden and traditional building was built in 1920 and renovated in 2010.

We have a large Japanese garden full of greenery, singing birds, and beautiful koi in our pond.
There is a rocky mountain which consists of stones from Mt. Fuji; it is genuine part of Mt. Fuji and has been registered as Japanese important cultural tangible heritage by Japanese government.

In Tokyo, a metropolitan city, this type of historical and traditional building and garden are very rare.

You can enjoy the calm atmosphere and feel the real Japanese experience.
Let's have a lot of fun in bar area and relax in Japanese traditional house.
This is a truly memorable place to spend your precious time.

1 minute walk from Iriya station of Hibiya line.
(Fish market and Akihabara and Roppongi)

7 minute walk from Uguisudani station of Yamanote line.
(the biggest and most useful line which goes to Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku and so on)

15 minute walk from Ueno station of Yamanote line.
(has one of the biggest museum and park and shopping arcade. In addition direct access from Narita airport and bullet train to anywhere in Japan)

We can accept only cash in Japanese yen and please pay the total fee when you check-in
Check-in time is till 11:00pm. You must arrive at Narita/Haneda airport before 9:00pm (an hour to get out of the airport and one more hour to get to toco)
we can accept maximum 4 people in one group. Even different booking, recognized as one group.

Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation policy have priority over hostel world cancellation policy
50 % of the first night's room charge if you cancel your reservation 1 day prior to the date of your reservation.
100 % of the first night's room charge if you cancel your reservation on the appointed day.
10% deposit you've paid is not included in your cancellation fee. You have to pay 100% fee without 10% deposit
If you didn't come and stay, we cancel all your booking on the next day of your check in. We will charge you check in day and that next day staying fee.

Special Reminding: When you make booking, Please fill in the name in English spelling same as on your passport.

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Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel Located at 2-13-21 Shitaya Taitouku, , Tokyo.
Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel
Tokyo 110-0004 2-13-21 Shitaya Taitouku
91% 638
35.7219682 139.7839209
Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel
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