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St Christopher's Barcelona의 리뷰

Carrer de Bergara, 3, 바르셀로나, 스페인

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The Internet connection doesn't work well, even in the lobby. Bed is too small and breakfast is unsanitary.

  • 2014/07/18
  • Novice Nomad
  • 익명
  • 대한민국
  • 여성, 18-24
  • (1 검토)


열 받아서 한글로 쓰네요. Do not online check in! First, they told me charge 417 USD, but actually charge me 427 USD. 그러면 애초에 417이라고 써 놓지를 말던가. 그리고 종업원한테 말했더니 계속 같은말만하고 싸가지도 없음. 아침먹으러 가서 시리얼 먹으려고 그릇 봤더니, 설거지도 제대로 안되어있어서 시리얼이랑 우유가 덕지덕지 붙어있음. 대체 30유로씩 왜 받아 먹는지 모르겠네요. 차라리 민박하거나 산 조르디 가세요. 위치보안시설 좋은 것만 바라신다면 나쁘지 않네요. 전 아침 최악이었어요. 바게트, 햄, 치즈, 시리얼, 우유, 오렌지, 사과, 버터, 잼 이렇게 주는데 내 생에 호스텔아침중에 가장 거지같았음. 오렌지 쥬스 절대 먹지 마세요. 당뇨병 걸릴 것 같음. 여기뿐만 아니라 대부분 호스텔 오렌지쥬스가 그러네요. (갈아주는 거 말고 뽑아 먹게 되어있는거 특히)

  • 2014/07/16
  • Novice Nomad
  • 익명
  • 대한민국
  • 여성, 18-24
  • (1 검토)


you're hostel was so worst in my hole trip. location is good but that's all. the reception attitude is so rude, espcially some reception attitude look like a racist. it was so terrible. and i have some problem in this hostel. using the drymachine, the machince was broke down, i so embarrassed. so i ask reception. they tell this is out of my work if you want just refund. so i just find another laundry. but the location is so far i just dry whole my clothes in my room. it was the worst.


I REALLY was disappointed by terrible breakfast. Dishes are so dirty and I can't trust the quality of foods there. Staffs didnt care of my unpleasant reaction. I couldnt eat every single of breakfast. it was disgusting. I like the location and bar, but key card always doesn't work well, so I should ask every time when I use the key.


Unfriendly staff, Worst Cleanliness (BUT IT DEPENDS ON ROOMMATE). I think the staff seems to think "It all depends on your luck!". So I don't want to go back there. NEVER!!

  • 2014/05/31
  • Novice Nomad
  • 익명
  • 대한민국
  • 여성, 18-24
  • (1 검토)

주인 코멘트 (숨기기)
Hello, we are really sorry about the bad experience that you got in our hostel, definitely that's NOT the way that our staff has been trained to deal with this problems. We are going to investigate this situation to find out what happened here. Sorry again, we really hope you'll change your mind one day and decide to come back with us. Kind Regards Barcelona Team

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