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Plaza de Armas Hostel의 약도

Compa�ia 960 Dp. 607, Santiago, 칠레

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If you arrive by airplane, and you say 'take me to the Plaza de Armas, to the Portal Fern�ndez Concha building', every taxi driver will know how to get here, and they will charge you about $13.000 chilean pesos, or 26 USD.
If you arrive by bus, all terminals are near a metro (subway) station, and you will not take more than 15 min to arrive to the Plaza de armas metro station, where we are located.

When you get to the main Square (Plaza de Armas) you will see our building in front of the clock's Plaza and the one who has an statue at the last floor center, you have to get into that building and take the elevator to the 6th Floor.