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Keystone House Kings Cross

272-276 Pentonville Road Kings Cross, London, 런던, 잉글랜드

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HOSTELWORLD 고객 키스톤 하우스 킹스 크로스는 되어 우리에게,뿐만 아니라 런던의 공항과 유로 스타 (Eurostar)에 연결 '바로 옆에 도시 에 실질적으로 어디서나 얻을 수있는 지하철역에 위치한'. 방문자가 늦게​​ 도착하면 '24 시간 리셉션이 좋은 말 '; 손님은 ' 매우 환영 느꼈다'와 ' 보살핌'. 그들은 ' 비정상적으로 편안하게' 침대, '매우 깨끗하고 안전하고, 재미 ', '! 같은 친근한 장소를'호스텔은 되는 말을하고 '직원은 위대하고 매우 도움이되었다 '. '돈 에 대한 전반적인 가치'

숙소 정보:

Keystone House Hostel is located in the heart of London, within two minutes' walk from Kings Cross and St Pancras station. Its location is perfect for exploring all the sites and attractions of London including Big Ben, Covent Garden, The British Museum, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Tate modern and many more.

Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations provide excellent transport links including the tube, bus, overground trains and of course, the Eurostar which operates out of St Pancras.
Included in your stay:

FREE Wi-Fi access in the common room
FREE Bed Linen

Our Backpackers bar is ideal to meet fellow travelers and people from all over the world.

Our friendly staff are onsite and available 24/7 and security is taken seriously with 24 Hr CCTV in place.

Before booking, please note that our two-bed basic twin private (or LU (London underground)) rooms are inner cabin rooms without windows but are said to be more peaceful.

Also most of our 3 bed private rooms have one single and one double bed. If you wish to book a room with three single beds please contact us directly.

Parents or guardians and family members with children under 18 must book the whole room. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult guardian or parent and are not permitted in shared rooms.

A valid passport or picture id is required for check-in for all guests. A charge applies for each card transaction.
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Keystone House Kings Cross Located at 272-276 Pentonville Road Kings Cross, London, London.
Keystone House Kings Cross
London N1 9JY 272-276 Pentonville Road Kings Cross, London
76% 3682
51.5310401 -0.1207208
Keystone House Kings Cross
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