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Itaca Hostel

Ripoll, 21, 바르셀로나, 스페인
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Inspired by our travels, we opened Itaca in August 2001 with the idea of bringing together all that we've enjoyed in other places to create a comfortable, friendly and sociable atmosphere where you can discover our culture at your own pace.

Itaca is located in a quiet street opposite the cathedral in the heart of Barcelona's Gothic area, just a few minutes walk from the city's most interesting cultural and architectural sights. Were close to the beach and the best places to go out, from traditional tapas bars to the hippest nightlife.

In Itaca Hostel we have clean, cosy and spacious facilities with dorms and a twin room. Two minutes away we have double or triple rooms with the same facilities as the hostel (breakfast included). We also offer two apartments for four-to-six people.

All our rooms are exteriors with their own balcony. There is a well-equipped kitchen and dining room plus a lounge for our guests use.

Itaca only has space for 30 people so it allows more contact between us and you, and between yourselves, giving you a more personal service, with more alternative guides to the city.

Our rates include lockers, bed linen, self-catering kitchen, free Internet and Wi-Fi.
***Note: Breakfast is NOT included in our apartments, we only provide breakfast for bookings made in a private room and in our dorms.

Hope to see you here!
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Itaca Hostel Located at Ripoll, 21, , Barcelona.
Itaca Hostel
Barcelona 08002 Ripoll, 21
91% 2511
41.3852604 2.1754324
Itaca Hostel
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