Hotel Ideal

좋음 277 리뷰
  • 비용 가치 6.0
  • 보안 7.5
  • 위치 7.5
  • 직원 7.0
  • 분위기 5.5
  • 청결 5.5
  • 시설 5.0
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좋음 277 리뷰
  • 비용 가치 6.0
  • 보안 7.5
  • 위치 7.5
  • 직원 7.0
  • 분위기 5.5
  • 청결 5.5
  • 시설 5.0

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Location is right by the train station. Interior very old Italian. Loved it!

    • 10.0비용 가치
    • 10.0보안
    • 10.0위치
    • 10.0시설
    • 10.0직원
    • 10.0분위기
    • 10.0청결
  • 익명
  • 잉글랜드, 여성 그룹, 18-24
  • 초보 여행자
  • 1 검토

This was the last stay on my two week, 5 city trip around Italy and it was by far the worst place I stayed in. The staff at the desk were rude, claiming booking conditions which are no where to be found on the website. The room was dirty and over priced. There was someone else's hair in both showers (we changed rooms), it was noisy and the shower itself was awful. When we asked for it to be looked at they took our details and nothing was done. I cannot think of a worst experience hotel-wise.

    • 2.0비용 가치
    • 4.0보안
    • 4.0위치
    • 2.0시설
    • 2.0직원
    • 2.0분위기
    • 2.0청결

Nice staff. Shower and bathroom are yuk. One of the worst showers I've ever had in a hotel. Room was nice and big. Best location for a late arrival into Naples.

    • 6.0비용 가치
    • 8.0보안
    • 8.0위치
    • 4.0시설
    • 8.0직원
    • 4.0분위기
    • 4.0청결

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