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Los Rios N13-11 y Julio Castro, San Blas, Quito, Quito, 에쿠아도르

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와이파이도 빵빵 키친도 깔끔하게 잘 정리되어있고 화장실 샤워실 모두 만ㄷ족스럽다 침구류도 찝찝하지않고 매우만족 주인장 sandara가 아주 친절하고 좋은 사람이다. 루프탑에서 아침식사와 저녁을 했고 보이는 야경이 아름답다 컴퓨터도있고 지도도 주고 도움 많이 받았다 강추


My first visit to quito. Loved the city, enjoyed staying at the hostel, but just one thing that bothered me was the squeaking floors made of wood. Something should be done about it. Oh and it would be nice if the hostel provide towels... Revolution was the only hostel I've been to that doesn't provide towels :(

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We provide towels in private rooms. Guests in dorms can rent towels for $0.50. It has never been a problem before, as our accommodation is reasonably priced. Houses in the historical centre of Quito are made of Adobe, so you should expect wooden frames and floors. We are continually improving and renovating the hostel, hence 93% rating for the facilities. One thing that bothers me is that you could have asked for the transfer to another dorm, instead, you have chose to complain after the fact.

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