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Guest House Pongyi의 약도

2-22, Rokumai-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Kanazawa, 일본

지도 및 약도

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Pongyi is located 5min. of within walking distance from JR Kanazawa Station.

1. There are 2 exits at Kanazawa Station. Take the 'East Exit', or 'Higashi-guchi.東口
2. You will see the 'ANA CROWNE PLAZA Hotel' at the right side.
3. Walk toward the 'ANA CROWNE PLAZA Hotel.'
4. Proceed straight on, looking the 'ANA Hotel' to your righthand.
5. You will see a convenience store 'Daily (Mart)' Keep on walking.
6. Walk past the restaurant 'Gust' and 'Toyoko Inn Hotel'…
7. You will come to Rokumai intersection.
8. Cross the intersection, look for the restaurant 'Yakitori-ichiban'(there are many
japanese red lanterns in front of the restaurant) diagonally forward left.

(10m from the intersection)
9. Walk towards 'Yakitori-ichiban', and take the left street.(turn to the left at the corner
of the Yakitori-ichiban)
10. You will see the Kuratsuki canal, and you can spot Pongyi at once!