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Steinorplatz 3, 함부르크, 독일

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주인 코멘트 (숨기기)
Hello, Thanks for the review. It is very valuable for us and it helps us to identify where we can improve our services. All the best for your travels, Sven Heberling Assistant General Manager


The toilet is wayyy too small.

주인 코멘트 (숨기기)
Hello, thank you for your feedback. yes it is true that our toilets are not that big, but we thought that it is better to have one in the room then walking around in the morning. Additionally there is on each floor another toilet that is bigger and shared. We would be happy to welcome you again. Best wishes Martin Major Front of House Manager


the washroom was tooooo small

주인 코멘트 (숨기기)
Hello, thank you for your feedback. I noticed that you rated our staff with the lowest points, is there a particular reason for that, can you give us some more details about what happened? Thank you and best regards Martin Major Front of House Manager

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