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Florentine Backpackers Hostel의 약도

10, Elifelet Street, Tel Aviv, 이스라엘

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Directions and how to get:
From Ben Gurion Airport: (To Tel Aviv Central bus station)
--Bus or Train-- Take a bus, or a train to Tel Aviv central bus station (Ha-Hagana train station- which is very close to the central bus station).
From central bus station it is 20 min walk to the hostel (Elifelet Street) you can either walk on Salame (solomon/ Shlomo - it has different names) street ( west- toward the beach) till you cross Elifelet street and then turn right to Elifelet till you reach Elifelet 10. Or, take bus number 41 from 4rth floor at the central bus station and ask the driver to drop you off at the closest station to Elifelet street.( ask him for directions...they are usually nice and like to help). Also, from Har Tzion avenue ( close to central bus station) bus number 42 will drop you off at the corner of Salame( Solomon) street and Elifelet street. Then just walk up Eliefelet (north) till you reach Elifelet 10.
Sometimes just waiting for bus takes twice as much time as just simply walking..
--TAXI--- from the central bus station to Elifelet st shouldn't cost more than 30 shekels (8 USD, 5 Euros)
Taxi- be trusty with taxi drivers....they usually take advantage of tourists and charge extra, so just know how to Bargain, or set a price in advance. A ride from the Airport to any location in central Tel Aviv should cost around 150 shekels!!!(About 40 U.S.D or 30 Euro), maybe 10-20 shekel more if it is during night time.

Florentine Hostel
10 Elifelet St
Tel Aviv.
Florentine Neighborhood
*) you can always call mt cellphone or the hostel directly if you get problems getting here.