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Casa Felisa

Porta da pena no 5, Santiago de Compostela, 스페인


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Property Felisa is located in the heart from the city to barely 200 meters of the Cathedral. The building was an old house convent and has been transformed into a guest House. We offer single Rooms, double and cuadruples with baths shared, 10 rooms with 5 baths. All they include television, towels and wi fi, has a great jardin where the arbol main is a camellia of some 240 years approximately and where you podra to have breakfast to eat or to have dinner to its shadow. From here you can go where want in the city in little time, well be to the historic buildings or to the new part of the city and the commercial area. We are surrounded by stores and restaurants and there is an immense variety of bars and pubs where you can enjoy the nocturnal life of this city.

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Casa Felisa Located at Porta da pena no 5, , Santiago de Compostela.
Casa Felisa
Santiago de Compostela A Corua 15704 Porta da pena n 5
87% 520
42.8827646 -8.5434687
Casa Felisa
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