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Capitol City Hostel

2411 Benning Road NE, 워싱턴 D.C, 미국

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숙소 정보:

Capitol City Hostel is the cheapest and maybe,despite our cat named kitty, the Capitol's cleanest hostel. We are a private, smoke-free hostel only for international travelers (traveling currently) with passports (USA or foriegn). We also accept environmentalists with pay stub, or ISIC holders with credit card.
Accommodations are basic. Beds may not be in the same room, despite booking 4 beds in a 4 bed bedroom. Included is free 24 hour DSL and WIFI internet ,hot showers and free 24hr peanutbutter toast and tea. Also free are maps and linen. We (because we're strict about the passport and proof of current travel requirement) do not need to offer lockers. No problems in over 5 years. We also have a laundry service ($5). We have no curfew or lock-out. Check-in, however before 9pm (w/ an hour grace period).
We are located 25 blocks (2 miles) from the Capitol Building and National Mall of memorials, monuments and first-quality and free of charge Smithsonian Museums. We also are located 30 minutes away from the Whitehouse during rush hour; but, only ten minutes after 12AM (safe X2 bus and free w/ transfer).
The hostel is easily accessible, just 30 blocks east of the Chinatown bus lines or 22 blocks east of Greyhound or Amtrak. (X2 bus going East on H St). By subway: 12-15 min. walk from Stadium. Continue North and East to the 2400 block of Benning Rd (between 24th and 25th on Benning, the main road, H Street extended East).

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      익명, 미국, 남성, 18-24
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Capitol City Hostel Located at 2411 Benning Road NE, , Washington DC.
Capitol City Hostel
Washington DC DC 20002 2411 Benning Road NE
69% 560
38.8978633 -76.9716954
Capitol City Hostel
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