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Bong House의 약도

1st floor, 117-2, Myeungryun-3ga, Myeungryun-Dong, Jongro-Gu, 서울, 대한민국

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WARNING: these directions are long, but the details will get you here.

From the Subway - Hyehwa Station Line 4, Take Exit no.4

1. Start at Hyehwa Subway Exit no. 4. You should see a Haagen Daaz.

2. When you see Haagen Daaz, make a left turn. Take this paved road full of shops. Go straight for about 200 meters (on the way you should see: a movie theater, as well as an Omuto Tomato, a Tous Les Jours, a Misha beauty shop, an ETude beauty shop, an ARTBOX). Go to the end where you will see a ‘Famliy Mart’. Look to your right across the bigger street with a crosswalk, there's a Dunkin' Donuts. Cross this street and continue to walk up this street between Dunkin' Donuts and SK Telecom!

3. You will need to walk another 230m (250 Steps) on the way you will pass ENO Records. At the 230m mark you will see a side street with ‘Ediya Espresso Coffee – ‘large blue sign’. Turn left here, walk towards the ‘Family Mart’. Once in front of the family Mart continue to look straight ahead (slightly left) you will see our sign ‘Bong House’ it is a white circular sign. Welcome you made it, enter through the main doors and head downstairs to the office.

From the Airport Bus Stop (6011, get off SungKyunkwan daehakgyo ipgu Bus Stop)

1. AT AIRPORT: Go to the only tourist information (near exit 12) in the lobby, collect your maps and other info for Seoul and Korea. Next to the info desk is the bus ticket office. Buy your ticket to: SungKyunkwan (University) Bus Stop. It will be approx. 9000 Won. (It is also the second last stop on that route). Then exit Gate 12; the bus stop is just to your left on the street, look for 6011. Load your bags under the bus, and let the driver know you wish to go to “Hyehwa - SungKyunkwan (University)”. The trip takes 1hr to 1hr 20 min. so relax and enjoy the views. The bus will either display the location stops on screen or read out aloud in English so you can see where you are on the maps.

2. While on the bus, the stop you need to get out at is located on a main road. On your right you will first see a ‘Family Mart’ then you will immediately cross traffic lights, then the bus will stop 30m down the road in front of this shop: Watsons. Collect your bags and walk back 30m in the direction you came.

3. Stand in front of the Family Mart. On the other side of this side road, there is a Dunkin' Donuts and SK Telecom. Cross the main road and continue up the smaller street past the Dunkin' Donuts. Stick to the left side, you will pass ENO Records, continue and then turn left at: “Ediya Espresso Coffee” (Huge Blue shop sign). Walk towards the ‘Family Mart’, once in front of the Family Mart continue to look straight ahead (slightly Left) you will see our sign “BONG HOUSE” it is a white circular sign. Welcome you made it, enter through the main doors and head downstairs to the office.