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Berat Backpackers Hostel의 약도

Gorica, 295, Berat, 알바니아

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There is a new bus terminal in Berat 1.5km before town. Most of the time buses arrive and depart from the new terminal. But every once and awhile buses do arrive in the centre. Whatever the case, here are the directions.



When you get off at the BUS TERMINAL, cross the street and get on the blue and white city bus (30 lek) that heads into town. (Don’t be confused. They only run one route.)

GET OFF the bus on the 5th stop, go back down the hill towards the Suspension Bridge. Cross the bridge walk up the steps directly across from the bridge past ANTIGONI RESTAURANT, and continue up the narrow street for 8 or so minutes. You will see the sign for the hostel on the right hand side!

If the bus heads into town ask anyone for Gorica and follw the directions above crossing the suspension bridge.


ASK the taxi driver to take you to Gorica, “Hotel Scotty” or “English guy” (If the driver is unsure have him call 069 785 4219)

If you get lost, ask anyone for Hotel Scotty. That’s what the locals call the place.